News from the Grand Magisterium

From the Order's Constitution:

“The Grand Magisterium is called and presided over by the Cardinal Grand Master, who determines the agenda of the day.
The following make up the Grand Magisterium: the Lieutenant General; the Governor General, the Vice-Governor Generals; the Chancellor of the Order;
the Master of Ceremonies of the Order; other members of the Order,
selected and named by the Grand Master according to criteria based on principles of international composition and function.
They number no more than twelve, of which at least two-thirds are laymen.
The Assessor can participate in meetings of the Grand Magisterium.
The Lieutenants, the Magistral Delegates and the Grand Priors who are currently holding these offices cannot be named members of the Grand Magisterium."


"The Grand Magisterium assists and aids the Cardinal Grand Master in the government and administration of the Order.
The Grand Magisterium, in accordance with the directives given by the Cardinal Grand Master:
prearranges and programs activities of the Order; prearranges and programs activities of the Order in the Holy Land;
orients and co-ordinates activities of the national organizations; interprets constitutional norms; a
pproves financial statements of the Order; carries out every other duty which the Cardinal Grand Master deems proper to entrust to it."