A support for Palazzo della Rovere’s restoration from the bequest of a member from Western USA

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Palazzo della Rovere, headquarters of the Grand Magisterium of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre is undergoing a restoration process that will preserve the building and provide for necessary safety upgrades while also restoring the invaluable XV and XVI century frescoes. In fact, the entire Palazzo della Rovere is subject to regulations by the Special Department of Rome Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape that in the past requested a major restoration project be initiated as a matter of the utmost urgency. This is clearly a long and necessary process.

The Grand Magisterium recently received a greatly appreciated surprise in this regard: aware of the challenge and the expenses to be faced because of this major effort, the Western USA Lieutenancy transferred $100,000 to the Grand Magisterium to be used specifically for the art restoration activities in the Palazzo. These funds come from the bequest of a member of the Order, Lady Mary Ann Kaffer, who was a benefactor of the Vatican Museums.

A devoted member of the Order in California for over two decades since her Investiture in 1992, Lady Mary Ann and her husband Bill actively participated in the life of the Western USA Lieutenancy. In addition to their dedication to the mission of the Order, the Kaffers were great supporters of the Vatican Museums. Generous members of the California Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums, the Kaffers funded art restorations in the Eternal City.

 “I knew Lady Mary Ann Kaffer well and I know that she would be very pleased that these funds will be used to benefit both the Order and restoration of art in Rome,” said Michael Scott Feeley, Lieutenant for Western USA Lieutenancy.

 “We are grateful for the Kaffer’s generosity and look forward to seeing the restored historic art works once again enlivening the Order’s Palazzo della Rovere,” he concluded.

Once restored, Palazzo della Rovere will continue its mission of supporting the Order’s charitable work in the Holy Land.

(Summer 2019)