How is the Order of the Holy Sepulchre structured?

How is the Order of the Holy Sepulchre structured?

An estimated 30,000 Knights and Dames from forty nations are currently organized in nearly 60 Lieutenancies and - where the Order is still in the process of initial development - about ten Magistral Delegations.

These peripheral structures are themselves composed of several Sections which are in turn subdivided into Delegations. The local leaders, Lieutenants, Magistral Delegates and the Presidents of Sections or Delegations are assisted in their task, to varying degrees, by the clergy, who are Priors.

The members’ spiritual commitment is accompanied by an important call to financial support for the Church in the Holy Land, in particular - but not only – for the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. The Grand Prior of the Order is the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem.

To coordinate the entire Order at a universal level, the Grand Master, a cardinal appointed by the Pope, is flanked by a Governing Board which is based in Rome, called the Grand Magisterium. The Grand Magisterium executive consists of the Governor General, four Vice Governors and the Chancellor of the Order. The Governor General oversees the Order’s structural and material organization, in particular all social and charitable activities in the Holy Land. The Master of Ceremonies offers guidance and assistance to the Grand Master in the spiritual development of the Order. The Grand Magisterium also includes the Assesor and the Lieutenant General.

The mandates of all the leaders of the Order have a duration of four years, with the possibility of only one renewal of office.