Three pillars re-establish the life of the Order

The new Constitution signed by the Pope, the book on spirituality written by the Grand Master, and the new document on the liturgy

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Palazzo della Rovere The Palazzo della Rovere, headquarters of the Grand Magisterium of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre.

A letter from the Governor General to all the Lieutenants and Magistral Delegates


Excellency, dear Confrère and dear Consoeur,

It is my pleasure to inform you that on May 11, 2020, His Holiness Pope Francis approved the new Constitution of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

It is the fruit of an adaptation undertaken in light of the ongoing reform of the Curia, aimed at emphasizing the commitment to promote the spiritual growth of the members of the Order and at highlighting the charitable element in favour of Catholic Sites and Institutions in the Holy Land.

The new Constitution indeed grants primary importance to the vocation to holiness of every Christian and aspires to be an instrument for the deepening of the spiritual life and progress in personal sanctification, in a context in which faith is practiced and lived in all of its aspects. Furthermore, the new Constitution underlines how, by means of its structure and activity, the Order directly participates in the solicitude of the Roman Pontiff for the Holy Sites and Catholic Institutions of the Holy Land, in a framework of charity and apostolate at the service of the dignity of the human being.

Finally, the new Constitution formally confirms the legal status of the Order as a Central Body of the Catholic Church. The Italian text is the official version of the new Constitution. The Cardinal Grand Master has arranged for it to be translated into various languages which will be reviewed by the Vice Governor Generals before their distribution to all the Lieutenancies and Magistral Delegations together with its implementing Regulation.

While thanking you for your kind attention,

Leonardo Visconti di Modrone

Governor General