50 years of the Lieutenancy for Northern Italy

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50 years of the Lieutenancy for Northern Italy

50years have passed since the institution of the Lieutenancy for Northern Italy and the Knights and Dames marked this anniversary on November 11 at the Church of Our Lady of Peace in Milan, headquarter of the Lieutenancy, with a classical music concert held by the Ars Cantus symphonic ensemble with more than 200 people composing the choir and symphony orchestra. Lieutenant Roberto Giuliano Protto wanted to remember and thank the Knights and Dames who started this peripheral structure of the Order 50 years ago.

Celebrating this recurrence the words St. John Paul II addressed to the representatives of the Lieutenancies for Central and Northern Italy in December 1983 should be recalled: “I intend to be close to you with my word of encouragement. Again with Saint Paul I say to you: “Never tire of doing good” (2 Thess. 3, 13). I rely heavily on your presence, on the generous and completely disinterested dedication to such a noble cause, on the enthusiasm that comes from serving the Church, providing for the most urgent needs of a chosen portion of her children. In this Christian witness and in such a valid charitable activity I desire that you continue to distinguish yourselves, and I pray that the Lord may sustain you and His Spirit enlighten you in the choices of every day“.

The concert, which was also a way to express the presence of the Order in the territory, was attended by over 400 people.


(February 2018)