A special prayer from the Grand Master of the Order for peace in the Holy Land

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N S di Palestina

Faced with the tragedy that the inhabitants of the Holy Land are experiencing at this moment, the Grand Master suggests a special prayer written by him that we publish here.

The members of the Order and their friends are all invited to recite this prayer by Cardinal Filoni every day and share it as widely as possible in a spirit of communion and hope:


Queen of peace,

Chosen daughter of a land once again devastated by wars, hatred, violence.

We, Knights and Dames of the Holy Sepulchre, confidently implore you:

Do not allow Our Lord’s cry at the Holy City’s inability to understand the gift of peace,

To once again fall into the void of indifference and political calculation.

Help us to see the afflictions of so many mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, victims of destructive forces that are blind and without a future.

Inspire paths of dialogue, vigorous resolve in the resolution of problems and a collaboration of sure hope.

May we never become immune to oppression,

May we never consider the struggles as 'inevitable',

May we never see the victims they produce as 'collateral'.

May good will prevail over the logic of aggression,

Help us to see that the solution of many problems is not impossible.

As you prayed amid the Disciples on Pentecost, obtain from the Almighty paths towards a shared solution to the apparently insurmountable situations in the Holy Land.



Fernando Cardinal Filoni


(May 17, 2021)