A Catholic University in the Holy Land

American University of Madaba in Jordan

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American University of Madaba

After a difficult few years, the American University of Madaba, one of two Catholic universities in the Holy Land, shares its experience in training young people in the region to be outstanding in their chosen career fields.


Geo-historical context

Madaba City has a long history and a lot of cultural and religious heritage. Known for its Byzantine mosaic art, it houses some of the finest works of art from the early Christian centuries (between the 4th and 7th centuries AD), the Mosaic Map - the oldest known map of the Holy Land, dating back to from 560 AD - to the Church of Saint George located in the center of Madaba.

Madaba is the capital of the Madaba department in Jordan and the fifth most populous city in the country. It is home to a growing population of over 100,000, a harmonious mix of Muslims and Christians. Located just 30 km southwest of the capital Amman, 20 km east of the Dead Sea and 20 km west of the international airport, it offers easy access to all major cities of Jordan. Thanks to its Islamic and Christian heritage, Madaba is a tourist attraction.

Moreover, it is one of the most important destinations for Christian pilgrims. In the department of Madaba is Mount Nebo, the last station of Moses and his disciples on their journey to the Holy Land (Valley of Bethpear). You will also find the citadel of Mukawir (Machaerus), where John the Baptist was beheaded by Herod, and the therapeutic hot springs of Ma'in. Not far from the city, there are many seaside resorts on the Dead Sea. This all adds up to Jordan’s many touristic wonders like Petra, Jerash, Um Al-Rassas and more.

Tourism is an important source of income for Madaba and its surroundings. Therefore, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has set up various promotion and developmental programs to further promote the sector. In this context, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem in Jerusalem decided to create the American University of Madaba with the aim of educating young people and thus contributing to the development of the region.


The Holy Land has two Catholic universities

Bethlehem University is the oldest university in West Bank, Palestine. It is a mixed Catholic higher education institution. It was founded in 1973 by the Brothers of the Christian Schools and is open to all students without discrimination of religious belief.

The American University of Madaba (AUM) was authorized in 2005 by the Jordanian Higher Education Council. In a ceremony, a cornerstone was blessed in 2009 by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in the presence of several church authorities as well as the royal palace. In 2013, AUM Inc. was officially incorporated in the State of New Hampshire (USA), by its “Council of Higher Education”.


Vision, mission, and values

The American University of Madaba (AUM) sees itself not only as "a springboard for personal and community improvement", but also as a place "of understanding, tolerance, dialogue and peace". A place where human and Christian values, ​​and moral integrity are central.


The University is located 8 km outside the city of MADABA. The calm, ultra-modern and environmentally friendly (green), autonomous and geothermal campus has an area of ​​50 hectares. Indoor and outdoor spaces also provide mobility for people with disabilities. The classrooms are equipped with computers as well as projectors. There is Wi-Fi (Internet) access throughout the campus.


Organization of the University

The founder and sponsor of the American University of Madaba (AUM) is the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. 60% of faculty professors are graduates from American or European universities and 40% from Jordan and Middle Eastern universities. Education is qualitative and only in English. It fills a gap in the local market to provide students with opportunities in the Middle East and internationally.

AUM consists of seven faculties: engineering, science, health sciences, information technology, art and design, business science and finance, languages, ​​and communication. AUM offers degrees in Civil EngineeringMechanical EngineeringBiology and BiotechnologyMedical LaboratoriesNutrition and DieteticsPharmacyComputer ScienceData Science and Artificial Intelligence, AccountingBusiness AdministrationBanking and FinanceMarketingRisk ManagementHuman Resources Management DepartmentArchitectureDesign and Visual CommunicationInterior DesignEnglish Language & Literature, and Translation . A new campus is being prepared in Amman and the “Master” courses will start in October 2021.

This young university currently has 1,500 students. The male/female ratio is 45/55, the Christian/Muslim ratio is 30/70. Most of students come from Jordan, Iraq, Syria, and Palestine, but also from Lebanon, Egypt, Nigeria, Niger, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. The university is rightly proud of its diverse student body. In addition, the graduate employment rate is excellent. This means that almost most of the students who graduate from AUM will find work after graduation.


Campus facilities

The American University of Madaba has a modern, well-equipped, and secure university residence for girls named “The house of grace”, which is supervised by the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy. The campus also has many sports facilities. Indoor and outdoor areas are provided for basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, fitness, weightlifting, and table tennis. There is also a semi-Olympic swimming pool. The well-being and health of students is of paramount importance to the AUM. Finally, you will also find a library, a computer hall, language center as well as a medical center on campus.



AUM is a young university and is achieving much success on the academic level. On four consecutive years, the faculty of pharmacy has scored the first in the Jordanian board examinations for pharmacists. Those who graduate from AUM easily find work in the different Jordanian sectors and achieve success when they continue their studies abroad.


Prof. Marcel Van De Voorde

Consultant to the president of the Bot of AUMM