An hour of adoration during the pilgrimage to Jerusalem

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Being with our Lord

A pilgrimage to the Holy Land allows you to carve out a space in your life to rediscover the beauty of being with the Lord by following in his footsteps.

In Jerusalem, in the streets full of voices and colors of the old city, we can choose to walk the Via Dolorosa and follow Jesus on the path to Calvary, sure of his victory over death. Often we are caught up in the momentum, the chaos, the many things that happen around us and within us, and it becomes difficult to live this experience in full.

Marking the release of our annual magazine, Jerusalem Cross, we announced the publication of a spiritual booklet for 2017, inviting the Knights and Dames of the Order fortunate to experience a pilgrimage to the land of Jesus to stop and be with the Lord along Via Dolorosa, to indulge in the joy of a moment of Eucharistic adoration, to take a pause for their soul, carrying a special intention in their heart for peace in the Holy Land and the Middle East.

Prayer allows us to fulfill our mission of supporting the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, not only materially but spiritually.

This guide was designed to lead pilgrims in the experience of Eucharistic adoration in Jerusalem, at the Armenian-Catholic Church of Our Lady of Spasm, at the Fourth station of the Via Dolorosa, commemorating the pain of Mary who meets her Son who carries the Cross or, in communion of intent and prayer, wherever you may be.

(June 8, 2017)