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1_The passion of God in your heart 


"You must carry God's passion in your heart; for it is man's greatest consolation!", was what one medieval mystic reminded those who visited him; and another commented that "nothing can help or serve you except God's martyrdom and His bitter suffering".

Passion is not a feeling proper to God. It is human, deeply human.

That is why God had no other option other than become human himself and take on that feeling as a burden. Those who experience passion know that it has a strong carnal involvement and the heart truly feels great consolation. Lovers, who carry within themselves the asceticism of their relationship, know this well.

Mary knew it too, as the prototype of every human being touched by God's passion, of that God who wanted to give form to Christ's humanity. She bore the sign of it through her own motherhood, and she did not shrink from sharing in God's 'martyrdom and suffering'.

I will say no more! Although every day there is a demon that sows doubt in your heart, takes away your breath and plots to lessen God's passion in your heart. The restlessness that runs through the spirit, if it burns the passion leaves only ashes, but there is always an appeal to mercy, which is a divine predicate or attribute.

The old medieval mystic is right; Just think about it!

If you do not carry the passion of God in your heart, you cannot experience the greatest consolation!

Fernando Cardinal Filoni

(October 2021)