The resumption of the Investiture in the Lieutenancies

On this page we report some of the information received from the Lieutenancies regarding the events carried out in recent months, following the easing of sanitary measures related to the pandemic

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Investitura Madrid

Festal days for the Order in Madrid

In mid-October, the Governor General, Ambassador Leonardo Visconti di Modrone, attended the Investiture Ceremony of the Lieutenancy for Western Spain in the Royal Basilica of San Francisco el Grande in Madrid, celebrated by His Eminence Cardinal Carlos Amigo y Vallejo. On this occasion he met with the three Iberian Lieutenants: Jose Carlos Sanjuan y Monforte, Juan Carlos de Balle y Comas and Bartolomeu da Costa Cabral.

In his speech at the subsequent gala dinner at the Hotel Riu Plaza de España, the Governor General stressed that the current renewal in the Order is not intended to erase the past, of which the Order should be proud, but to revitalize an ancient institution so that it can successfully meet the challenges of the future.

Investitura Queensland

A day of prayer and fraternal life in Australia

Last September 11 2021, the Australia Queensland Lieutenancy welcomed new members of the Order at a ceremony at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Brisbane. The ceremony, following the new Order of Service as issued by the Grand Master this year, followed the Vigil which was held the previous night at St. Stephen’s Chapel in the grounds of the Cathedral precinct.

The new Knights and Dames were welcomed by the Lieutenant. Our Vice Governor- General Dr Paul Bartley KGCHS was present to acknowledge the new Knights and Dame with the presentation of the Word of God. At the conclusion of the ceremony the new Investees and their families and friends as A day of prayer and fraternal life in Australia well as the Knights and Dames of the Lieutenancy enjoyed the fellowship at a luncheon. It was a day of prayer and commitment to the Order in Australia.

Article taken from a report sent by Monica Thomson
Lieutenant for Australia Queensland

Investitura USA Northern


Five hundred people at an Investiture in the United States

The Northern Lieutenancy USA has over two thousand members. On August 20 - 23, 2021, it held its annual meeting of Investiture in Sioux Falls. Over 500 people attended, which included 66 new Investees, and 116 members that were promoted in rank for their continued support of the Equestrian Order and the Christians in the Holy Land. Archbishop Joseph Naumann, Lieutenacy Prior, along with Bishop Donald DeGrood, host Bishop of the Diocese of Sioux Falls, celebrated the liturgies and the ceremonies.


Article extracted from a report sent by Shawn Timothy Cleary
Lieutenant for USA Northern

Investitura Birmingham

New members of the Order welcomed in Birmingham

The Lieutenancy for England and Wales generally holds two Investitures each year, one in early summer and the other in the Fall. They are both generally held in Southwark Cathedral, London, where the Lieutenancy is based, but periodically we move out of London and hold Investitures in other cities to emphasise that we are a one nation Lieutenancy.

Three years ago we were in Liverpool and on 25- 26 June this year we were in Birmingham. We had cancelled the three previous Investitures because of the Covid pandemic and resisted doing them on-line or in small groups within the Sections, principally because although each of our eight individual Sections has a very active life, our two Investiture weekends are the only occasions when we all get together annually, and are therefore the two highlights of our year.

It was not clear for many months beforehand whether we would actually be able to go ahead in Birmingham, and we were making decisions knowing that we may be required to make changes or even cancel at very short notice. Our new Grand Prior, the Archbishop of Southwark, John Wilson, was appointed about two years ago but had never yet conducted an Investiture. He was anxious to do so and meet members for the first time, and they were also eager to meet their new Grand Prior.

We were only allowed eighty people in the congregation in the cathedral. Eleven Knights and Dames were invested in total; three Knights, four Dames and four Ecclesiastics. Over two days we celebrated with them and enjoyed their company as new friendships were formed. They had been waiting for this moment for so long, and were so grateful that their admission into the Order had finally arrived. Despite the restrictions of the pandemic, the Lieutenancy is very much alive and active in so many ways.


Article taken from a report sent by Michael David Byrne
Lieutenant for England and Wales

Investitura Berna

A beautiful investiture in Bern

For all of us, it was important to hold this Investiture after having to cancel one last year, for the first time in the seventyyear history of our Lieutenancy. In today’s uncertain times, we have had to learn to give up many things. That is why we feel even more grateful to have been able to welcome twenty-two Knights and Dames into the Order in a dignified manner last June 5. The people present joined in prayer with all those who did not have the opportunity to travel to Bern. Emphasis was placed on the uniqueness of the moment of investiture, marked by its own deep and palpable spirituality and great joy.


Article taken from a report sent by Donata Maria Krethlow-Benziger
Lieutenant for Switzerland





(October 2021)