New Lieutenant of the Order for France is invested in Rome

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New Lieutenant of the Order for France is invested in Rome Investiture in Rome of General Jean-Marie Faugère, officially named new Lieutenant of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre for France. The ceremony – held at Palazzo della Rovere – was presided over by Cardinal Edwin O’Brien, Grand Master, in the presence of the highest authorities of the Order, as well as an important delegation of the Lieutenancy for France, led by Msgr. Bernard-Nicolas Aubertin.

The Grand Master, Cardinal Edwin O’Brien, welcomed the proposal by the Archbishop of Tours and head ad interim of the Lieutenancy for France of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, Monsignor Bernard- Nicolas Aubertin, to appoint a new Lieutenant in the person of General Jean-Marie Faugère. His Investiture took place during a solemn ceremony at the Palazzo della Rovere on January 15.

Born March 22, 1949, Jean-Marie Faugère, is a committed Christian, husband and father of five children. A military General (second section), the new Lieutenant of the Order for France was a student of the Military Academy of Saint-Cyr (“Général Gilles” class, 1969-1971). He served in troop corps (armored artillery, paratrooper, military intelligence services), as well as in the central staff in Paris, at operational and regional levels. He obtained a license from the Military Academy, a diploma from ENSTA and undertook specialized courses in nuclear armaments.

General Faugère ended his officer’s career as an Inspector general of the army. He was president of the G2S (think tank of experts made up of army officers, second section), president of the Federation of French army Catholic chaplain association, as well as counsellor for the defense of the THALES Group.

The responsibilities of leadership and command he has taken in the military – along with the human experience thus acquired – will help the new Lieutenant for France of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem guide the action of Knights and Dames, serving all the inhabitants of an area where world peace is largely decided.

(February 2018)