Concrete solidarity

An initiative of the Lieutenancy for Italy South Tyrrhenian

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Concrete solidarity The Basilica of the Crowned Mother of Good Counsel, where the offices of the Lieutenancy for Italy South Tyrrhenian are situated

In October 2015, following continuous reports of the arrival of migrants to European shores, fleeing from tragic conditions in the Middle East and global South, the Grand Master, Cardinal Edwin O’Brien circulated a letter on welcoming refugees among Lieutenancies and Magistral Delegations.

The responses have been both prompt and generous. One of note among the many initiatives is the invitation of the Lieutenancy for Italy South Tyrrhenian, which counts 39 Delegations, to Presidents and Delegates to contact their diocesan Caritas and help set up teams of professionals who can ensure those categories of migrants who are welcomed support not only on the social, legal and administrative level but also on a cultural level.

Lieutenant Giovanni Napolitano says: “It is with great satisfaction that I can report that there are many Knights and Dames willing to offer, their professional help, free of charge”. Looking to the future he concludes: “It is now possible to express our heartfelt solidarity and, in particular, overcome that ‘barrier of indifference’.” It is increasingly clear that we must respond to the needs of the world around us that is knocking on our doors as Christians and, specifically, as members of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre.

(April 18, 2016)