An initiative by the Western USA Lieutenancy: the Ministry Fair

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Ministry Fair

How to make our members more aware about our action in the Holy Land? This is an oft-asked question.
In this article, the Western USA Lieutenancy tells more about the Ministry Fair they have organized during the Annual Meeting since 2015.

The Order supports so many important and life-giving ministries in the Holy Land. In 2015, under the aegis of Lieutenant Michael Scott Feeley, the Western USA Lieutenancy began an initiative at our Annual Meeting to raise awareness among our membership of the myriad ministries that the Lieutenancy funds in the Holy Land.

Spearheaded by Sir Steve and Lady Kristin Luchetta of Orange County, the purpose of our Ministry Fair is to showcase these efforts, provide information to members about ongoing projects we support, and explain how these ministries help Christians in the Holy Land.

At each Annual Meeting, a dozen tables are set up in a central area through which members must pass to register and attend events. The Ministry Fair remains open all day Friday as well as Saturday afternoon during the Annual Meeting. Staffed by volunteer members who are familiar with the specific ministry, each table has a flat screen monitor where videos of the ministry and power point presentations continuously run. Trifold pamphlets explaining each ministry are given out at each table along with other written materials and pictures are displayed. The members running the table engage members in conversation and provide first hand perspectives on the particular work being showcased. It is a convivial atmosphere with members mingling together and enjoying snacks and drinks.

The Western USA Lieutenancy Ministry Fair includes presentations on St. Vincent’s Home, Hogar Niño Dios, Kerak Italian Hospital, Patriarchal Seminary at Beit Jala, Bethlehem University, the Holy Child Program, Society of St. Yves Center for Human Rights, the Holy Land Economic Development Program (microloans for Christian small businesses through Caritas Jerusalem), Our Lady of Peace Center in Amman, Beit Afram Home for the Elderly, and the parochial schools in Zarqa, Jordan. In addition, we have tables dedicated to our Legacy Society, pilgrimage opportunities, and Justice & Peace efforts.

The Western USA Lieutenancy Ministry Fair is an effective and enjoyable way of informing our members of the ministries their contributions support and making the experience personal through member to member interaction. The initiative inspires zeal for the ministries and has resulted in greater appreciation for the projects and increased financial support. It draws us closer to the people of the Holy Land.

(Spring 2019)