Crossing the Holy Door with Cardinal O’Brien

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Crossing the Holy Door with Cardinal O’Brien

During the Jubilee of Mercy, the staff of the Grand Magisterium had the joy of passing through the Holy Door of St. Peter’s Basilica in the company of the Grand Master, Cardinal Edwin O’Brien, on February 22 last. The staff remembered in their prayers the intentions of all members of the Order, in a special way those who are going through times of illness or difficulty.

Msgr. Fortunato Frezza, Master of Ceremonies of the Order and Canon of St. Peter’s, led the group in this intensely spiritual moment which constitutes one of the conditions for obtaining a Jubilee indulgence, in addition to receiving the sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Eucharist and actively praying for the Holy Father’s intentions. In recent months, Pope Francis has often reminded us of the importance of uniting the sacramental aspect to corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

The accompanying photo shows the staff of the Grand Magisterium along with the Grand Master, the Governor General Agostino Borromeo, the Chancellor Ivan Rebernik and Consultor Pier Carlo Visconti, on having passed through the Holy Door, next to the Altar of the Chair of St. Peter, in the well-known papal basilica.

13, 2016)