The Grand Master’s visits to the Lieutenancies

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Gran Maestro in Russia

At the beginning of 2017, on February 10 and 11, Cardinal Edwin O’Brien visited the Lieutenancy which in October 2016 was officially named Sweden and Denmark for an Investiture in Stockholm. A few days later, on February 18, the Grand Master celebrated an Investiture for Italy Sicily Lieutenancy in Palermo.

During the month of March, Cardinal O’Brien covered many miles for Investitures first in South Africa, Cape Town, and then in the Russian Federation, in Moscow. In April, the Grand Master was in Rome for Holy Week solemnities and the Easter celebrations.

After the spring meeting of the Grand Magisterium, held at the headquarters in Rome from May 2 to 4, Cardinal O’Brien celebrated an Investiture in Viterbo and then he went to Zagreb for the first Investiture of the Magistral Delegation for Croatia. His next appointments will take him to the United States for the meeting of the American Lieutenants, and then to Canada and Austria.

(May 2017)