Cardinal O’Brien meets the members of the Order

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Investiture in Malta 2019 Last May, the Grand Master presided over the Investitures in the Lieutenancy for Malta. In the picture we see him with the Grand Prior, Archbishop Charles Scicluna and Lieutenant Roberto Buontempo.

After accompanying the Grand Magisterium staff to the Holy Land at the beginning of February, the Grand Master went to Palermo for the Investiture of the Lieutenancy for Italy Sicily on February 23 and 24. At the end of March, he was in Naples for the Investiture of the Lieutenancy for Southern Tyrrhenian Italy. From April 26 to 28, invited by the Magistral Delegation for Russia, Cardinal O’Brien celebrated the Investiture of the new members of the Order in Moscow.

In May the Lieutenancy for Italy Sardinia welcomed the Cardinal who presided at Investitures. He then presided at other Investitures in the Lieutenancy for Malta from May 10 to 12 and finally in Switzerland from May 15 to 19.

From May 30 to June 1 the meeting of the North American Lieutenants took place under his direction in the United States and in the following weeks the meeting of the European Lieutenants in Rome.

He presided over the first Investiture ceremonies in Brussels from June 14 to 16 with the Lieutenancy for Belgium, then he was in Liverpool from 21 to 23 of the same month with the Lieutenancy for England and Wales, and finally in Tarragona from June 28 to 30 with the Lieutenancy for Eastern Spain.

(Summer 2019)