Educating the future generations in the Holy Land

The Order’s support for the Latin Patriarchate’s schools

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Scuola in Terra Santa

For years, the Order of the Holy Sepulchre has devoted a large part of the monthly donations sent to the Holy Land to the network of 44 schools of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem for a total of almost 5 million dollars a year. These institutions, directly linked to the parishes of the diocese, meet the educational and training needs of some 20,000 students and are the beating heart of the youth life of the local Church.

“The schools of the Latin Patriarchate operate according to Catholic principles and values in education and lifestyle. This is why it is important that everyone has the right to be treated justly and fairly in our schools, to live as brothers and sisters and to learn the Gospel values of respect for life, dignity and non-violence,” says Father Jamal Khader who was the director of the Patriarchate’s schools until 2021.

He continues, “these are important values that are taught in our schools, especially the relationship of fraternity between Christians and Muslims, which begins with the students and extends to the parents.”

Working for the education of future generations in the Holy Land has always been one of the main missions of the Knights and Dames of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, not only by supporting daily school activities but also by contributing to scholarships for families who can no longer meet the fees and by making an important contribution to the payment of teachers’ fair wages.

Furthermore, during the pandemic, the Order’s support for schools has not forgotten the needs of online learning and the technical tools needed to ensure that young people’s education is not penalised in already difficult times.

Find out more about what is being done in the Patriarchate’s schools to provide quality education for the new generations in the Holy Land in support of peace and the growth of the whole society in a special video available on our YouTube channel (OESSH Gran Magistero).


(January 2022)