"We need also to be
patient if we want
to understand those
who are different from us.
People only express
themselves fully when
they are not
merely tolerated,
but know that they are
truly accepted.
If we are genuinely
attentive in listening to
others, we will learn to
look at the world
with different eyes and
come to appreciate
the richness of human
experience as manifested
in different cultures
and traditions.
We will also learn to
appreciate more fully
the important values
inspired by Christianity"

Pope Francis
Message for the 48th
World Communications Day
June 1, 2014 


The culture of encounter

From the outset of his Pontificate, Pope Francis has insisted on the importance of the “culture of encounter”: within the Church, with believers of other religious traditions and with non-believers.  Diversity should never be seen as an obstacle rather as a challenge to search for greater mutual enrichment and unity in doing good.

Strengthened by this invitation as well as our particular attention for the Holy Land, which is a perfect laboratory in which to practice the culture of encounter among members of different faith communities, we are dedicating a special space to this theme on our website.

Riga divisoria croce con linea

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