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On the occasion of #ConsultaOESSH2018 the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem thanked the Knights and Dames of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre for their support of pastoral, humanitarian and institutional activities of the diocese.
Discover people, faces, activities that are enriching the life of the Church in the Holy Land in this moving and lively video made thanks to the support of the media service of the Latin Patriarchate.

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Present in almost 40 countries worldwide and with thousands of members on all five continents, the Order is at the heart of the life of the Catholic Church which it serves...

The Grand Magisterium

The Grand Master of the Order, Cardinal Edwin O'Brien, is assisted in his task of governing the Institution by members of the Grand Magisterium...

For and with the Holy Land

Members of the Order nurture a special attention for the land of Christ, and for the communities that live there.  The Order supports various projects to promote development and peace...

The Lieutenancies on 5 continents

Knights and Dames are deeply involved with their dioceses pledging to be an example of Christian life and to raise awareness of the need to support the "Mother Church" in the Holy Land...

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