Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Employment of Christian Youth and Women in Palestine


Enhancing skills of Palestinian youth to prepare them for future employment is one of the key activities to help them become autonomous and valuable actors in the society.

This is why, together with other organizations, the Order of the Holy Sepulchre supports the AFAQ project, which is managed by the Latin Patriarchate, in partnership with Bethlehem University and in close collaboration with local parishes, Christian schools and Church-related organizations. The Order has contributed with more than 200,000 $ to date.

Nisreen Mansour, the AFAQ project coordinator, Musa Rabadi, Director of Institute for Community Partnership at Bethlehem University, and Lara Matar, a student of Bethlehem University who is about to graduate in English literature, share some information and experiences about the project with us.


(July 2022)